Mobile App Development

Feibizzle App Dev was originally started by Fab. It is about the development of mobile applications on the Android platform. Having garnered experience from different college courses which has equipped Fab with the skill and determination to tackle real life challenges in the development world, he is now taking steps towards creating a better world. While this wannabe Software Engineer is determined to add value to his world through his acquired computer programming skills, he also believes that the time to start adding value is right now!

Bible & Secular Quotes

Facebook Profile This is a simple motivational quote app which is now up in the Android Market. It is the first mobile app by Feibizzle. BibSec App (as the shortened name of the app) motivates users based on quotes from the Bible and/or other popular Secular sources. Quotes deal with the concept of joy, love, understanding, strength, friendship, wisdom, etc. A special feature in this app is the is the availability of a widget. You can download this app from the market here.

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